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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are based in WA. Does that make freight expensive to the East?

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    Definitely Not!

    Because most freight travels East – West we receive very competitive rates going back the other way. Plus we also subsidise our freight charges – and the more you order the less significant the freight costs will be to the total value of your order. We know it is really important to keep freight costs as low as possible and we are confident that you will find our freight charges will be less for comparable orders than from most other suppliers who may be geographically closer to you. 

  • I have several competitors close by. Will you also sell to them?

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    We believe it is better to build a strong relationship with a select group of loyal customers who are the right fit for our products, than trying to sell to everyone and anyone. So if you are committed to supporting and promoting our product range we will do our best to not sell the same items to another retailer nearby who you consider a direct competitor. Of course it may not always be immediately obvious to us who your direct competitors may be, so if this ever becomes an issue please contact us to discuss further.

  • Do you exhibit at Gift Fairs?

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    Yes we exhibit at the two major GHA Gift Fair each year Sydney in February and Melbourne in August. Plus we periodically do some of the smaller shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Check out our Calendar of events for details on when we will next be exhibiting.

  • Do you have Agents?

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    Yes we do. Check out the CONTACT US section of the website for contact details of our Agent nearest to you.

  • I am a new customer. Can I open a trading account straight away?

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    Normally we require payment up front for the first order from new customers. You may apply for a trading account after your first order and if approved your trading account will be available for future orders.  In special circumstances it may be possible to open an account for the first order so please contact us to discuss further if this is an issue for you.